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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What does LA have that Salamanca lacks?

Uniquely qualified jobseekers and hmmm, interesting job opportunities.

Spent some time checking out the resumes (jobs wanted) section of Craigs List -Los Angeles to help out a friend's staffing firm today:

Mob Movie Extra

Behind this headline, our candidate, freshly moved to LA from Boston, lets us know that he has "extensive personal experience in underworld lingo and activities". While he doesn't have any experience as a movie extra, he promises he's a quick study.

Young Strong Man with Truck -I was afraid to read further.

Pretty Young Italian Girl

Seeking Long Lasting Career in Porn Industry -Ahem.

Hot Professional Record Producer -Running a "job wanted" ad on Craig's List.

Tree Climber -What exactly does a tree climber do once he's up there? Anyone know? I'd love the tree climbing part, but once I get there, what? If it's save cats and baby birds or better yet, just sit there, maybe munch on an apple, I'm in.

Mark Twain Samuel Clemens -Mark Twain, not the original, we assume, available for monologues, speeches, dinners...



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