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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hit and Run Blogging

Hit and Run today.

There's a bus to catch, and of course, this being my wonderfully slow if less than efficient Salamanca, I was hit with a warm (if stern) "No se puede" when I tried to buy my bus ticket for today, yesterday. Apparently that's cheating. It's a tiny bus company and I am headed to a tiny town, so I'll start my trip in a long line at the ticket window an hour before the bus leaves the station.

Another plug for kiva. I know I won't quit with it, but good ideas just turn me on. I wandered over today to check on my loanees, and the page is full of new entrepreneurs you can loan as little as $25, in Honduras (does seem to be a run on new clothing stores in Honduras, the marketer in me worries about competition..) and Bulgaria and Cambodia and Uganda...


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