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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've had company this week. Fellow americana Kathleen escaped from Madrid to the quiet banks of the Río Tormes (rechristened the Río Mel Tormes by a visiting New Yorker) for a few days this week and checked in for her first stay at Casa Wander.

I do love showing off my lovely town, almost as much as I enjoy watching a first time visitor widen his eyes, shake his head and call Salamanca "simply magical". New Yorker friends were in town with Kathleen, which provided the opening for two perfect Salamanca evenings complete with full moon, glowing golden sandstone, delicious Riberas and impecable pinchos. Farinato was the undisputed favorite of the pincho tastings, although huevos rotos, a very tasty bacalao en salsa at Casa Paca, and anything Bambú's straightfaced grillman wanted to throw over his coals (costillas, chorizo, morcilla and panceta this trip) all held their own.

As always, I found myself conducting a Casa Wander orientation of oh-so-many and oh-so-necessary explications about my beloved rented home at check-in. Among them:

-Wriggle that door knob just a little more and I promise the door will open...
-Careful not to overpower the water pressure on that shower or you'll be chilly...
-That? Or that's just the neighbors, did I mention thin walls?

I know I've written about all of these quirks. Which gives me an idea.

I wonder if I should assign the posts about these little household quirks as required reading before an overnight visit here to Erin in wanderland?


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