a wandering woman writes

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

San Esteban, Salamanca

This weekend I had a welcome opportunity to show even more of my beautiful town to an eager returning visitor, seen above checking out the cloister of the Convento de San Esteban.

Wait, don't I have a blog?

I shall make no excuses. I've been hopping continents, switching up plans and cooking up what's next.

I stopped back in Rhode Island to visit family and friends and meet Mary Oliver (did I say MEET Mary Oliver?) and Coleman Barks, among other intriguing folks at the Block Island Poetry Project.

And I took a few much needed walks along the RI coast. I was tempted to post a much more beautiful photo of myself wandering the rocky coast of Newport, RI, but this photo holds a little surprise. Look closely, now. That's me, tracking along once again in the footsteps of the Roving Photographer, though, this time, hmmm...her footsteps seem to be pointing skyward. Tidal pools, you understand. Photogenic tidal pools.

I have lots to say, it would seem, all of a sudden and plan to be round here writin' in the next two weeks, before I wander off to Arrés, in the province of Huesca, in Aragon, to do my first and much anticipated stint as an albergue hospitalera along the Camino. More to come on that front...

Ah, and if you've written and I've yet to respond, bear with me. I made a big dent in the inbox today and will likely be back to you by tomorrow.

¡Buen camino! Hope you've been stumbling into (literally into, if you ask the Roving one) some fabulous tidal pools of your own.