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Friday, May 27, 2005

LOST in Andalucia

OK, at this very moment I am not lost in Andalucia, although I now have an impressive CV of BEING lost in Andalucia and finding my way back out through a series of unintelligible conversations with some of the warmest, slowest moving characters I have ever met! (Note to me: Someday I do have to follow all this study of Castellano with a crash course in Andaluz so I can catch every delicious word. Picture slow, colloquial English deep, DEEP, in Mississippi...)

I am back in Sevilla, with just enough time to send off this mini-entry before I hit the pillows for a pre-wedding siesta. The wedding's at 830 at the chapel of the University, and the cena at 1030 in a cortijo (country house) outside of Sevilla. It's been work, but I have to say I think I'll do "my side" proud, as a Spanish friend has explained my sacred nuptial responsibility. Shoes, bracelet, earrings, bag, broche, necklace....whew, I couldn't do it every day but I feel appropriately española-accessorized for this special occasion.

A short list of Things I Learned While Lost in Andalucia:

1. When lost, walk into the nearest bar.
2. When in doubt about anything, walk into the nearest bar.
3. Small European model Fords really WILL fit through the eye of a needle - or streets the size of a small hallway.
4. Just remember to fold in the side mirrors....wandering-woman!! The SIDE MIRRORS!! Yeh, well..
5. Poppies will grow anywhere.
6. Figs go well with anything. Seriously, try it.
7. Ronald Reagan is alive and well and living in a paleolithic painting-covered cave in Southern Spain. (More about this later..)
8. The number of completely different sets of directions you will receive in an Andalusian pueblo (usually in response to a request for advice on how to EXIT said pueblo) is directly proportional to the number of people you ask. Corollary: no 2 sets of directions will ever be equal, even when given simultaneously by 2 Andaluces standing side by side. Yes, it would seem there are an infinite number of ways to exit any of the pueblos blancos.

I'll try to scribble another quick entry from this cafe tomorrow and then post stories and photos when I get back to Salamanca on Sunday.

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  • Dear Wondering Women,
    I too chucked the corporate world, actually the university world, and now travel full time, mostly in Mexico. I can clearly relate to many of your experiences. Keep on writing, and traveling. By the way, Tapas is my favorite style of food and eating. Wish we had it here in Guadalajara. They do have a great Spanish Tapas resturaunt in Puerto Vallarta but it's a five hour drive.

    My travel photos

    By Blogger Steve, at 10:54 PM  

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