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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Fourth World

There are people everywhere who form a Fourth World, or a diaspora of their own....They share with each other, across all the nations, common values of humour and understanding. When you are among them you know you will not be mocked or resented, because they will not care about your race, your faith, your sex, or your nationality, and they suffer fools if not gladly, at least sympathetically. They laugh easily. They are easily grateful. They are never mean....They are exiles in their own communinities, because they are always a minority, but they form a mighty nation, if they only knew it.

Jan Morris, Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere



  • pssst! The first rule about the Fight Club...

    By Anonymous lrb, at 12:17 PM  

  • Ups.

    You mean I wasn't suppose to say anything, lrb?

    Jan Morris said it first. :)

    By Blogger wandering-woman, at 4:16 PM  

  • Where is it exactly? I'd love to get lose there!

    By Blogger Nomadita, at 7:36 PM  

  • That's my kind of expat!

    By Blogger Cream, at 11:11 AM  

  • If they did know it they would no longer be the Fourth World.

    By Blogger Anil P, at 6:49 AM  

  • Well, yeh, Anil, I, for one wouldn't mind if they stepped out more in the first three...

    By Blogger wandering-woman, at 5:19 PM  

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