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Friday, October 19, 2007

More lost and found

More lost and found on the Camino de Santiago:


My floppy sun hat. Twice. Found and returned safe and sound, also twice, by a very tall angel of a German peregrino named Niils. Hat angel Niils.


Ultra cool silicone inserts for my boots. SO comfy. God love the pharmacists of Spain!

The magical powers of Voltarén -- a Novartis anti-inflammatory and my new best friend.

back again soon...walk into León tomorrow

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  • Why why why did I read 'ultra cool silicone inserts for my boobs' ... sigh, I have been so badly raised, down there at the bottom of the world.

    I think it's the silicone word. I didn't know boot inserts were now an option.

    Otherwise all sounds grand and superb even.

    By Blogger Di Mackey, at 12:06 AM  

  • But the important question: so hat angel Nills. Hot?

    We missed you this weekend in Salamanca. I miss you in general. This all sounds wonderful, though, and I am thrilled for you that you are experiencing it. If I'd have known my stupid concert dates wouldn't have arrived by now, I'd have joined you.


    By Anonymous Kathy, at 9:31 PM  

  • HI there. Just found your blog and was SO excited to see you're walking the Camino. I was walking it exactly this time last year! And I even have a gigantic tube of Voltaren beside my computer. ha! Goregeous stuff, too bad we can't get it in the states.

    Anyway, continued blessings on your walk and I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Buen Camino! -Genah

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:19 AM  

  • Ummm, those inserts I can't say I think I want or need, Di, LOL...doing my best to shrink myself top to bottom with all this walking.

    Hey Kathleen! Hot, I don´t know, I'm so wrapped up in his sweet angelic hat-retrieving can´t say it crossed my mind. Might bit young for my current interests, I'd say...Will keep an eye open for hot angels...

    Thanks Genah and welcome!

    By Blogger wandering-woman, at 12:31 PM  

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