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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Es caminante quién...

He is a caminante who moves his feet and his head, and his hopes, wholly giving all of his time, dreaming about what lies ahead, enjoying everything that arrives to his eyes.

A blessing to the pilgrim who, through the camino of the stars (the Camino de Santiago) finds himself without looking, walks the trails without moving his attention from a single step and without longing for his destination.

from the First Book of Petrolinus the Alchemist, who wrote of his pilgrimage to Santiago, through Salamanca, in 1765. Found in a lovely illustrated booklet published by the tourism office of Salamanca, and lying in wait for me at Salamanca's luxurious pilgrim's albergue.


  • thank you for this beautiful post wandering woman ... a sort of 'waymark' for me on this warm morning. i am sitting here in my key west studio ... and inbetween sips of my con leche ... i steal longing glances at my trusty walking stick waiting patiently in the corner ... the date to begin my camino keeps being pushed back - first march, then april, now may ... when all i really want to do is get 'on the road'. ... then i saw your wonderful photograph of the pilgrim on the road in the mist and i realized that i am, in fact, already on that road ... and can i just relax into 'finding myself with out looking, walking this trail without moving my attention from a single step ...' my step this morning is to enjoy this day, this coffee, my cat sweetpea as he searches for lizards - i search for cheap flights, tie up more loose ends ... while the magic road awaits my return.

    thanks for sharing you story.

    By Anonymous bigskymind, at 3:56 PM  

  • Make it June on the Aragonés and I'll make you dinner in Arrés, bigskymind. :) I'll be playing hospitalera in the albergue.

    Yes! You are on magic road already, I say, and if you've walked it before and it seems you have, maybe you've never left it. You just let you attention slip from your steps for a bit.... I love the site your blogger ID carried me to, by the way. I'd like to post the Sandy Mckinney poem here.

    Thanks for the visit, bigskymind. I'll hope to run into you on the magic road some time.

    By Blogger wandering-woman, at 9:51 PM  

  • a big yes to the posting of sandy mckinney's poem ... she is a wonderful person + poet ... i had the pleasure of spending bits of time with her over the years when she lived in key west ... she now lives in silver city, nm ... she has a special connection to spain and to the andalusian poet, rafael guillén ... she did translations of his work and they published a book entitled 'i'm speaking' ... beautiful.

    if you check the links on the 'salt' site, under 'idea' ... a bit of my story is there ... will send word from the road ... might need some one to say 'this way, this way'.


    By Anonymous bigskymind, at 6:14 PM  

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