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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Faking Midgets?

Just checked out my stats. I'm avoiding finishing an assignment for a writing class, truth be told, so checking out stats seemed as worthwhile and urgent an endeavour as cleaning out the fridge, which I finished about an hour ago.

Where, I asked myself, do these lovely Google-led visitors of mine come from? What literary phrase, what lofty ideals, what hefty hunk of Spanish or English vocabulary carries them to my humble web abode?

With some keywords, I was delighted:

"the road not taken", for example, through Google in Korea.
Yeh! Come on over, happy to stand for that anyday.

"grace o'malley a woman pirate of west ireland"
Hell yes, I did mention Grace one time, and I'm thrilled to be tossed into a search for feisty Irish sailing women.

I feel a bit bad about this:

"be careful with spaniards"
Not sure if that advice is for your own good, or the good of the delicate Spaniards, but I can assure you I never meant to say it. Maybe it's some strange hidden message repeated at 78 rpm when you record my posts and play them backwards, but whatever it is, it was accidental, I swear.

But the real puzzler? It's this:

Someone arrived at wandering-woman after searching aol for

"faking midgets"
Actually the amazing thing is that anyone was searching for "faking midgets" at all, not that they landed here, but still, while I am a relatively short woman, I consider myself quite authentic, and my short stature, for one thing, is absolutely true to life.

So here's a shameless plug for the post that landed this one-of-a-kind, false midget-hunting fish, and a boast.

With the title of today's post, I know I now own the search results for faking midgets. Please, if you've arrived fresh from a new search for artificial short people, leave a comment. We'd all love to get to know you.



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