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Friday, July 13, 2007

Wandering Spain

Well that faceless roving photographer has finally published some of her photos of our wanders in Cáceres, La Alberca, Mogarriz, Ávila and Salamanca. Her photos say what I'm not sure I've managed to say in two years typing about what a pleasure it is to wander this little corner of the world. She's captured the magic, as I knew she would.

And yes, as she so boldly announces in my comment box, you can also meet me face to face in an interesting (to say the least) portrait of the wandering tour guide and the photographer's husband here.

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  • I love this photo, I think I've seen it before and I loved it then too.

    It has so much in it in terms of where is she, what is she photographing, thinking and etc.

    Love the angle you chose :)

    By Blogger womanwandering, at 10:16 AM  

  • Yep, that's why I had fun taking these. Watching her tune in made me want to capture it.
    thank you!:)

    By Blogger wandering-woman, at 8:22 PM  

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