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Monday, March 20, 2006

Like minded travellers

A nomad I was even when I was very small, and would stare at the spellbinding white road headed straight for the unknown, and I shall stay a nomad all my life, in love with changing horizons and unexplored far away places, for any voyage, even to the most crowded and well travelled places, or the most familiar, is an exploration.

Isabelle Eberhardt
The Nomad

It's been a good week for finding like minded travellers..........

George from e-margaux.com posted my poem (gulp) and womanwandering's brilliant blog title in the Meandering Margaux blog (speaking of great titles), and declared us both "e-margonauts"! His comment also brought me a great find: e-marginalia, a travel e-zine that in its own words

"is fast becoming the proverbial campfire where adventurous, curious travelers collect to share the artifacts of their voyages."

Thank you, George, you made my day! I suspect you'll be running into me round that campfire. Lots of good reading to catch up on.

My walk through e-marginalia led me to Nana Chen, the personal site of one of e-marginalia's editors. I haven't made it through her writing, yet, or her paintings, but, oh! her photograpy: hypnotic stills and travel photos of Cambodia, India, Taiwan and Argentina.

And I stumbled across viatgeaddictes while wondering where to wander in Lisbon. (My Thoor Ballylee compañeras and I are headed to Lisbon for a long weekend in April. Tips? My first visit...) The site's only available in catalan and castellano now, unfortunately, ingleses.

At viatgeaddictes, I stumbled across the Isabelle Eberhardt quote above, which lead me to buy an e-book copy of the diaries of Isabelle Eberhardt, which will lead me to......

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  • WW, thanks for sharing! Lost myself for a while in all the great links you listed!

    By Blogger cream, at 4:38 PM  

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